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Contented Life-3; Real Happiness Is Happiness Felt Without Any Reason

In the previous part we discussed that faith in God calls for total submission to God. When we submit ourselves to God, there won’t be any complaints from our side. We should always remember our beginning; the starting point when we were a big zero. From there we reached here. It’s quite something! It’s has been a long way! And, it’s something to feel happy about! Above all, it’s something to be grateful to God!

But even though we have travelled a long way from the big zero, we will feel unhappy when we compare our lives with others’. That is the biggest mistake we make. Everyone has a unique life. While a person can recollect each trivial things of his life, he can only see some facets of others’ lives. What we see in others’ lives would be mostly deceptive. Some clever, wicked persons will show off things that are not existing. That are only pretensions to misguide us and put us off-track. My advice is never fall for that. Whatever you see in others’ lives should not be a matter for …

Contented Life-2; Have Absolute Faith in God

One may think that why I am so happy and claim to be leading a contented life when I have the same problems others have. Well, that is the point; you can’t postpone feeling happiness to a future date. If you plan to lead a happy life when all the problems are settled down and retirement from job is nearer, let me tell you, it may not work. As you get older, your problems also will increase. Therefore, the key is to be happy now, in the middle of problems.

How we deal with our problems is very important. I will explain my way of dealing with life’s problems. I first evaluate the problem with a condition; is it within my control? If the answer is YES, I will try every means available to solve it and believe me, restless days are ahead. If the answer is NO, I just forget about the problem and let Mother Nature or God, whatever you call it, take care of it. When the answer is YES, it’s going to be hard work from my side; if the answer is NO, life is relaxed; as the divine or nature will ta…

Contented Life-1; Never be too Happy or too Sad

A few days before my retirement from Bangalore Airport, my boss, the Vice President- Engineering & Maintenance, suggested me that I should make a PowerPoint presentation in the send-off party on the last day of service. He observed that it would be better if I give some tips to the staff on how to lead a contented life. Well, I made the presentation as he wanted, and it was greatly appreciated by the audience. The content of the PowerPoint presentation is reproduced here in a series of blog as requested by some of the staff members of airport.

Certainly, I’m asked to make this presentation because my life is seen as a contented life by others. Upon a review of my life, I too believe it’s true. Yes, I am a contented person and my life has been a contented one.

When we talk about contentment, in fact, the past should not come into the way. The present moment is what is important. Live this moment. Don’t live in the past; neither should you worry about the future. What is important is …