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Contented Life-4; Can Wealth Bring Happiness?

Financial stability in one’s life will increase the confidence level of the person and it will increase his chances for success comparatively. But the concept that more money will make a person happier is unfounded according to some rich persons’ testimonies.

It’s always a package. Along with richness some sort of miseries also is included in each package. Again, everything will appear to be perfect to the outside world, but the person himself will realise that more money or more richness did not bring any more happiness with it. In fact, more happiness was there when this richness was not there.

There is nothing wrong in becoming rich. However, the rich one should realize that there is a majority deprived of the facilities he has, and he is one of the luckiest few blessed with the richness and, therefore, he should keep a considerable portion of his richness to help the poor. Amassing wealth by struggling and not even meeting the requirements of the present situation for next generatio…