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Digitization-5; Home Screen and Apps

Familiarise With Your Home Screen
The screen you see on the smartphone is the Home screen. You can add more screens when you have more Apps and Widgets installed. You may swipe left and right to navigate from one screen to another.

Touch/Press on the Apps Container to see the installed Apps. Installed apps will appear as below. You may hold and drag an app to the Home Screen so that that app can be launched from the Home Screen whenever required. Drag the Settings App to the Home Screen.

Now the Settings App is on the Home Screen as seen above. Press the Settings App to open it as given below.
From Settings, select Data usage.

You may see the Cellular data as Off because earlier we used WIFI while resetting the phone. Slide it to right to Switch on Cellular data.

When the selector is slided to right, its color will turn to be Green, meaning that Cellular data is on. You should do this only after charging the Sim with a data pack. Now the phone is connected to internet thru Sim card data pack…

Digitization-4; Initial Settings of New Smartphone

Now let us do the initial settings of the new smartphone. Evenif you have been using the smartphone for quite some time now, we are going to set it up as a new one unless you have configured your email and Whatsapp and other Apps in that already. Remember, this exercise is for those are not using their smartphones for anything other than receiving and making calls.

Sim Card
Since we are going to use a data connection from our smartphones, selection of service provider is very important. We need to understand which service provider has greater coverage in the area we are living. For example, in Adoor, more coverage is for Idea. But, when I travel to Bangalore, Airtel has more coverage. When I travel to Trivandrum, Jio gives a better coverage than both Idea and Airtel. Therefore, I have three SIM Cards- one from each service provider said above. But, you may not need to have that many Sim cards. Just select one service provider who could give better coverage in the locality you stay.


Digitization-3; How to Create a Google Account

As a first step towards digital transformation, youwillopen a Google account. Those who already have a Gmail account need not take any action right now. Just recollect the Gmail ID and password and note down this information for future use. I want to stress upon the fact that I am asking you to open a Google account or Gmail account; not any email account such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc. You may have one of these email accounts; but I want you to open a Google/Gmail account for this training purpose. At this juncture, we shall not discuss the merits or advantages of a Gmail account in comparison with other email accounts. We need internet connection to create a Gmail account. If it can be done on your smartphone, go ahead. Otherwise, you will have to use a computer, either at home or at an internet café. If you need assistance from someone, contact someone at home or a friend who is computer savvy.

Watch Video
When the computer you use is connected to internet, open a web browser- Int…