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Welcome Home Wing Commander

Welcome Home Wing Commander
For the entire nation, today’s hero is Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. He is due to be released today and he is expected to walk over the border at Wagah somewhere in the evening.
All credits go to the international leaders actively engaged in averting an escalation in the situation between India and Pakistan. In last 24 hours, several visits to the office of Pakistan PM Imran Khan by diplomats of U.S, Saudi Arabia and UAE took place. Telephone calls between these offices were relentless. All responsible persons of the embassies of these nations at Islamabad played all diplomatic cards they could come up with to mitigate the situation. Mr. Antonio Guterres, Spokesperson for United Nations Secretary General Stephane Dujarric, welcomed Pakistan’s step to release the captured Indian Pilot on Friday as a “Very Much Welcomed Step”.

Many eminent persons of the world urged Imran Khan Government to release the captured Pilot as early as possible as …